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[Saturday,March 11th]

[Saturday,January 28th]
[ mood | sick ]

Comment anonymously on this entry with your current feelings torwards me.
I will not ask who you are.
Copy and paste this into your livejournal if you like.. whatever.


[Tuesday,January 3rd]
This message is addressed to everyone who is reading this post.
I want you to post anything that you want. Anything.
Post a secret, a threat, a confession, an opinion about me, a story, a poem, a picture.. -- anything.
Be sure to post anonymously and honestly.
Post twice, or maybe three times, if you'd like, and then put this in your journal to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realize read it) have to say.
please, please, do this.

[Sunday,October 16th]
sami made the mistake of staying logged into livejournal.
way to go.
i wish everyone wasn't here at my house tearing up my crap.

friends only [Saturday,January 22nd]


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